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Building Information

8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium

Building Information


Your management team is here to make sure your needs are met every day. Our team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please use the contact information below to reach us.

On-site Management Office Hours:

Monday – Friday / 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

General Requests
Building Engines
Julie Ruppert
Portfolio Manager
Kate Layman
Director, Property Management
Kelsey Eagan
Accounting Associate

After-hours / Emergency Answering Service

On-Call Maintenance
In the event of an after-hours emergency, please contact the front desk:



The front desk is staffed 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays. The management office will be closed on the legal holidays listed below.

Observed Legal Holidays

New Years Day/Observed
Memorial Day
Independence Day/Observed
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day/Observed

Elevators & Deliveries

Large Deliveries, Moves, and Independent Use Procedures

Because we are committed to providing excellent elevator service, we have established certain procedures for “private use,” or taking an elevator out of service for independent use. When you are expecting a large delivery where elevator padding is required, please schedule it with the General Manager. Large deliveries should be scheduled between 8am and 5pm on Mondays – Fridays only.

The moving in or out of any item or equipment which cannot be carried by one person and requires use of an elevator needs to be scheduled in advance. This advance notice allows time for the staff to put pads in the elevator to protect its walls and to be sure of no conflict with previously scheduled use by another resident. The hours for these activities are between 8am and 5pm on Mondays – Fridays only. Please note that moves cannot be scheduled during holidays or weekends.

Please remind your movers that they must provide masonite protection for floors and carpets between the loading area and the elevator, and the elevator and your unit. We may require that a building engineer and/or porter be in attendance for large moves.

The Move-in/out Request Reservation Form can be found in the Forms section, and is to be signed and submitted to management at least 72 hours prior to the move or large delivery, along with payment for your move-in/move-out fee.


Please do not allow your delivery company to wedge anything in the elevator doors or prop the doors because this will burn out the door motor and temporarily reduce the number of elevators servicing the building.

Elevator Malfunction Procedures

Each elevator is equipped with a telephone which rings directly into the third-party elevator monitoring call center. In the event an elevator should malfunction while you are in the cab, pick up the phone IMMEDIATELY. Give them the building location and the cab number you are in (this information is displayed on a sign on the elevator panel). The elevator company will contact Ruppert and we will dispatch an engineer and response team immediately. Our Engineer will stay with you until the elevator company and/or emergency personnel arrives to assist you in evacuating the cab.

While being trapped in an elevator may be an inconvenience, you are in no danger if you remain in the cab. Never try to pry the elevator doors open to get out. It is extremely dangerous since the cab may not be properly aligned with the floor. Wait for a qualified elevator mechanic or fireman to assist you.

In an emergency fire situation, elevators should never be used. If you are traveling in an elevator when an alarm sounds, the elevators will automatically go to the first floor and open their doors. This occurs one cab at a time. Please be patient.

Building Access and Visitor Procedures

Controlled Access

Your building is equipped with a monitored access control system. All exterior doors are locked at all times. You may gain access to the main lobby doors using your key card. There are call boxes located next to the pedestrian doors by the Center and South building garage entrances, as well as the main lobby, where you may call the front desk to be let in.

Visitor Procedures

The front desk if covered at all times and can be reached from your Executone Phone by pressing “0”. If you are expecting visitors, please contact the front desk so that the staff can invite visitors to proceed to your residence. Otherwise, the front desk staff will announce all visitors to you by phone.

Dues Payments

Dues Payment Procedures

Monthly invoices will be sent electronically to each owner. Hard copies can also be made available upon request. Please keep in mind that these invoices are a courtesy, and that your payments are due on the first day of every month. Inquiries regarding your account may be made to the accounting team at 301.695.0550.

Remit payments to:

8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium
c/o Ruppert Management
12 W. Church St., Suite 120
Frederick, MD 21701

To make an online payment, click the Make a Payment button on the Home Screen..



8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium


Cleaning / Trash and Recycling

Porters are onsite every day, including weekends. All common areas are dusted and vacuumed daily, surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, hard surfaces are mopped, and corridors, trash rooms and grounds are maintained.

Trash Removal

Trash chutes are located in each floor in each building, and are available for use starting at 8am until 10pm daily. Garbage should be placed in securely-tied, plastic bags. Please use the trash chutes for garbage only. Fireplace ashes are to be put in the red container next to the recycle bins.


For cans, bottles, newspapers and magazines, please use the recycling bins that are located in each trash chute room. All containers should be rinsed out before being placed into the recycling bin. Cardboard boxes should be fully broken and placed neatly in the trash rooms – from there our porters will collect them for recycling.

Maintenance Requests

While Ruppert Management is primarily responsible for the management and upkeep of the common areas, the maintenance team is happy to review in-unit service requests on a time & materials basis. Either way, please click on the Maintenance Request Portal above to submit a service request for . You may also use this portal to track the progress of your request to your satisfaction. Prior to using this system for the first time, please contact your General Manager to request an account login. Your entire building management team is notified upon submission of all work.

In-unit maintenance requests will be reviewed in advance to determine whether our team is equipped to complete the request, or if an outside contractor is needed.

Mail, Packages, and Deliveries

Mailboxes are located on the main lobby level of each building. The outgoing mail slot is located in the lobby and mail is picked up daily. If you plan to be away for 3 days or longer, please make arrangements to have your mail held at the desk. You will be given a Mail Hold form to be placed in your mailbox to notify the mail carrier. Newspaper delivery should also be put on hold while you are away.

Deliveries, including packages, can be accepted by the front desk and stored until you pick them up. The front desk will notify you via email if there is a delivery. You will be asked to sign the package log upon picking up your delivery.

Perishable Deliveries

Please note that the front desk is not equipped to store perishable items. For perishable deliveries such as take-out orders and groceries, we ask that you please collect your item(s) from the front desks soon as you’ve been contacted by our team.

Owner Resources

8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium

Owner Resources

Association Library

Access condominium documents, meeting minutes, and other records by visiting Building Link and clicking on the “Library” section.

In-Unit Renovations

All renovations and remodeling plans need to be submitted to management for approval. If you are considering any in-unit contractor work, please contact your General Manager for details on the approval process.


Ruppert Management recommends that each unit owner have an emergency action/evacuation plan in place for their household. Ruppert is eager to support those efforts through building operations, planned drills and access to building plans and information. If Ruppert can be of assistance, please reach out to the property management team.

In an emergency, Ruppert Management will:

  • Gather information from authorities on an ongoing basis and follow their instructions.
  • If it is safe to do so, Ruppert Management will conduct a thorough inspection of the building after an earthquake for the following conditions:
    • Structural damage to the building and damages to major pieces of equipment.
    • Leaking or damaged water, gas, and electrical lines.
    • Downed power lines.
    • Electrical wiring which is shorting out.
  • Report any utility damage to the utility companies and follow their instructions.
  • Prepare for remedial measures by contacting the necessary contractors as soon as possible.
  • Communicate with unit owners using one or more of the following methods:
    • Email
    • Personal Visit
    • Website
    • Mass Notification System

Power Failure

The building is equipped with emergency lighting systems that illuminate stairway lights, exit lights, and corridor lights. If an electric outage occurs in your building, an automatic transfer will activate a generator and supply power for all emergency lighting. If necessary, please use stairs to exit.

Certificates of Insurance

Any vendor or outside contractor completing work in the building (including within a unit) will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance, per the requirements outlined below.

Additional insured should be listed as:
8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium, Inc. and Ruppert Management, LLC

Certificate Holder should be listed as:

Ruppert Management, LLC
12 W. Church Street
Suite 120
Frederick, MD 21701

Additionally, policies are to contain a provision giving Owner and each of the other additional insureds at least thirty (30) days’ written notice of cancellation of coverage.

Please email a current certificate to jruppert@ruppertmanagement.com and mail the original to the address listed above.


8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium


Move-in Move-out Request Form


New Owner Information Form

Board of Director Elections

8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium

Board of Director Elections

Candidate Statement

Annie Durbin

Candidate Statement

Lance Ford

Candidate Statement

Mike Ginevan

Candidate Statement

George Helz

October 2022 Board Election Candidate Statement

Forms must be submitted prior to September 15, 2022

Enter today's date above.

I seek election to a term of:(Required)

NOTE: There are three (3) openings on the Board for three-year terms and one (1) opening on the Board for a one-year term.

Statement of Interest

I am a candidate for a seat on the 8101 Board of Directors. I understand that the Board is the governing body of the Association with responsibility for advancing the safety, prosperity and vitality of our community. I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

I am a candidate for a seat on the 8101 Board of Directors. I understand that the Board is the governing body of the Association with responsibility for advancing the safety, prosperity and vitality of our community. I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Tell us about you

Please provide a brief summary of your career/volunteer history, leadership experience, interests, or previous contributions to the 8101 community. Additionally, list any skills that would contribute to your role on the board (personal, analytical, financial, managerial, etc.) Be concise, but do not omit anything that may strengthen your candidacy and interest voters. A few hundred words will usually suffice. Confine yourself to experience and qualifications relevant to serving on the Board. If their relevance is not obvious, briefly explain.
Don't oversell. Let your skills and accomplishments speak for themselves.

Your goals could be either general (e.g., to improve the Board’s communication with the community) or specific (e.g., to offer legal analysis on emerging issues like electric vehicles) or both. List as many as you wish.
Explain briefly why you want to serve as a Director. What inspires you to voluntee? Stay positive. Don’t dwell in the past, imagine 8101’s future.